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Ok I don't know where to put this comment but I have to say, I am not impressed easily,,, BUT, Cleo is the most awesome place!! I not only WON (and I doubted the money would come,,, but it did!!) Not only did I win A LOT (thousands) but I had Vspree points or something like that, so I thought why not, I will spend them. And OMG I received the most beautiful jewelry. And I know this can come from anyone and so I don't know how to say how real it is but I won real cash money (again thousands!) AND cashed in on my credits and got the most beautiful jewelery that I thought for sure would be crap. SO Impressed! Can not like Cleo enough!! Thank U!! And the games are fun lol!


I would like to say that CleosVipRoom is the best site when it comes to online fun! I won $2000 and got my check in the mail a few weeks ago and boy was that a great feeling! The games are fun and the way the site is laid out makes it easy to get to where you want to be. Thanks again Cleos!


I NEVER DREAMED OF WINING BUSHVELD AND LAST NIGHT boom! I did it I think this is the most honest Site and the Virtual Spree promotions! Wow! Splendid


I like to thank Cleos game room for being so easy to deal with. I won 1000 dollars about a month ago and everyone was so helpful and nice when I wanted to cash in, I've had experiances with other online game rooms that made it impossible to collect any winnings so it was nice to have the staff at Cleos make it so easy . I love all the game as well. I also want to mention that once I sent all my information to them it only took less than a week to get my check. Thank you Cleos


Cleo's Games are definitely the best I have played, The screen shot says it all. I have never gotten over 50 free spins in any other online site or land based one for that matter. I started the free spins with 10 and you can see for yourself the end result. I would recommend Cleo's to anyone that is looking for a safe place online to win some cash, They also have some of the best if not the best customer support/Live chat I have ever dealt with.


To whom this may concern, this is the best site to play on, I have won on this site twice, and process is so easy, My first winning, I request a withdraw, you fill out paper work to identify your age and credit card you have on file. than a few days later, you will get email about your check is mailed and Yes the check is good....Thanks for allowing me to play on this site. I really like this site, i don`t want to play any place else. thanks Mammareal


I am retired and I was looking for something to occupy my time that would be fun. My cousin told me about Cleo's VIP Room. I signed up and immediately received my 400% bonus. I played several games and found my favorites. I LOVE the "stacked wilds" games!! So much more exciting than the plain old games at other sites. To my amazement, I won a prize award and it was processed and in my hands within a couple of weeks. The Virtual Spree points is amazing and the products are beautiful. I didn't expect the quality with the items I ordered. The best part of shopping with VS points is the free shipping and I had my first items in 5-10 days. I LOVE this site.




After having much experience with many different online sites, Cleo's VIP Room has become my single favorite. I appreciate how well rounded the site is when it comes to everything an online sites offers.

1. The lobby is appealing to the eye and easy to use.
2. The games are unique and very fun to play.
3. The purchases and cashin process are much easier than most online sites.
4. The bonuses are awesome - way less restrictive with requirements to cash out.
5. The support staff is way more professional and superior in the way they handle players requests and questions.
6. Overall Cleo's cares about their players and does as much as they can to keep them happy.

Of course, the extra perk of gaining Virtual Spree points to buy products from the retail website is a major extra bonus. Recently, not only did I have a great looking Tonino Lamborghini watch delivered to my house free of charge, I also won $2000. The check came in a completely acceptable time frame and it was easy to cash. My loyalty is with Cleo's!


I was a little sceptical about playing online at first but my cousin talked me in to it. Needless to say I've been playing and winning. I love it! I also love seeing the fedex van pull up in front of the house to bring me my check! I do wish the processing time was quicker though but overall I give you guys an A!


I would like to thank the staff and the support at Cleos Vip room. After winning when playing at the Cleos I cashed out $2000, it was the 1st time for me cashing out at this site. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was. It was my 1st time cashing out there, but I have cashed out of many other online sites, Cleos Vip Room was by far the best in getting me paid, I only wish the others would be more like them. I would recommend playing there if you are serious about cashing out like I am, they take care of business. I would also like say I really like the stuff I purchased with my VS points, it is good quality and was sent to me free in a reasonable amount of time. I am very pleased, the service and the products are even better than I had expected. Thank-you


I played at a lot of online sites over the years but i stuck with cleos vip room do to great customer service no matter what time i send a email i got a quick response and when i was ready to request my first withdraw i got my check back faster then i thought i would but more importantly i got it HASSLE free i would recommend cleos vip to anyone.


I love Cleo's Slots. They are a refreshing change and yes you actually do get some play for your money. This is my first cash out with Cleo's. The processing time was a bit too long not sure why but maybe someone could give me a reason that explains why. My banks reaction did not go well. I had 3 people scrutinizing the check and finally the branch manager came out requesting more details. They flat out refused to cash it. I guess there are too many scams out there. i had to go directly to chase bank where once again severely scrutinized. since I didn't have account with them they charged me six dollars to cash. I'm ok with that but maybe in the future you can offer more payment options.If you have any suggestions that will put my bank at ease for future transactions please let me know. I'm with Members Is't Credit Union which is small but reputable.I personally don't want to deal with the big banks had my share of corporate rip offs. I love your 200% match bonus and the extra VIP bonuses along the way. I haven't yet ordered anything from the VS points I have accumulated. Saving up for nice gift to Hubby since he is the provider of any and all monies. I have already spent my winnings and need another one soon to pay for moving expenses. A big win would be refreshing so make me a lucky lady today ok? I"m looking forward to a long lasting business relationship with Cleo's VIP room so I can brag to all of my future friends.


I have been playing at Cleos' off and on for about three months now. My playing primarily consists of slots. I typically start out with a higher bet and work my way down if not hitting. On this occasion I started with a high bet, then dropped to a lesser one when I started to hit. Once the machine started paying I increased my bet until I ran my balance up to a little over $2K I decided to run it down to 2K and stop. It may have gone higher however at this time that is a lot of money. My wife if very pleased of the win, she likes to watch and cheer for a win. The money came at a great time since we are in the process of moving out of state. I will be playing again soon trying to hit a progressive. The products we have purchased are very nice. Many friends have commented on the items we have gotten and ask how we can afford such nice things. We explain it to them and now they want to do the same. We wish all the best to the other players and want to thank Cleos for the opportunity.


I really enjoyed and continue to enjoy playing at Cleos VIP Room. I was so happy to join a site that offered a completely new and different gaming experience with slot machines that were all totally new to me. I was also very happy and of course surprise when I won and cash out over $1,600.00 at CVP. I really appreciated the quick, hassle free payout process provided by Cleos VIP Room. I've played at many, many on-line sites and at this time, Cleos VIP Room is my number choice for on-line gaming. I really enjoy their slots!


I would like you to know that when I decided to try out online playing, it was due to me being recently disabled. So I downloaded over 40 different games software. And Cleo's is the only fair and honest site that I have found. Your games, ease of purchasing and cashing out and customer support has made playing with you guys a true joy. Thank you


I wanted to send you all a thank you (this means you live support people) for the few times that I needed help with something or all the times I contacted you all looking for a pick me up to my day and you all were always prompt to take care of me and did it in a courteous timely and professional manner quite simply you all are the best customer service I have ever dealt with hands down bar none So thank you and keep up the good work -)I look forward to the next time I have a reason to use live chat (not sure if you all do anything for birthdays or not but I am gonna find out Wednesday) Thank you Live Chat for helping make my experience a very enjoyable one and more than once putting a smile on my face that lasted the rest of my day May the powers that be smile upon you and yours Ever Onward.


To any concerned, I would first like to extend a sincere thank you to Cleos VIP Room and the promotion which they have extended to all of us. Second, for anyone considering participating in Cleos VIP Room promotions but are waning on wading wading in, let me share a brief synopsis of my experience with it. I have never been an online game or promotion participant, probably due to my past schedules, but as life circumstance would have it I found myself with unusual time to fill. Due to my wife illness resulting in the need to close our company and spend the majority of our time navigating through doctors offices, specialist, procedures and hospital stays my wife used online games to pass the time and distract the mind. She started playing Cleos VIP Room first. Eventually after recommending many times that I should make an account and start playing to help stem my restlessness, I was a bit (booked out), I finally relented and did so. I have never regretted it and owe a thank you to the persistence of my wonderful wife as well. I started playing Cleos VIP room with the normal skepticism toward any online promotion or game. In other words I thought it was bunk but since I could play free and the games were actually fun and entertaining, why not? I started with a free $27 promo chip in the real money side, which obviously I never expected to gain anything from. After playing by some miracle almost all day from that initial chip I hit the main jackpot in the mystery bonus for $2,700 and was initially astonished, excited and then thought to myself.... I will never see this as it was won on a free chip, I have never purchase with real money in their promotion and it is probably all a scam anyway.
I claimed my prize and supplied the requested documents. The customer service and management treated me kindly and very fairly. To my shock I received an email stating my prize and check had been processed and shortly after received a tracking number. I never would have believed it possible as I cashed the check without a problem. It actually was real. I then decided to purchase with real money in their promotion to see how rare winning could be. Again I currently have my tracking number and awaiting for my second prize of $800 to arrive.
I have to again sincerely thank Cleos VIP Room as not only have they have helped pass time easier with entertainment but the money I have won to date lifts an immense burden and stress. When someone is very ill medical needs basically decimate those involved financially and wash them out emotionally. Cleos was a refreshing lift to us. I sincerely appreciate their integrity and kindness. Without going through this past year it would be hard for them to truly understand what it really meant for us to win that money, and further what it truly meant to me personally, especially at this time, to have not crushed that ray of hope with a scam. Thank you for being legitimate. Thank you for being kind and thank you as well for your continued generosity to us as well all your patrons. To any concerned all I can say is to give it a whirl with peace of mind knowing it is real and not a scam. If you win you will get your prize with a smile and a congratulations from Cleos staff.


Playing at Cleo's was fun and easy. Cleo's was almost like being in a real land based gamming site but all in the comfort of your own home. It was much better than some of the other online sites I've tried where you have to wait forever to find out if they are even going to pay you or not. When you win the document verification is very quick and easy and before you know it the check is sent right to your door. I will recommend Cleo's to anyone looking for a fun and safe online gambling experience and I look forward to continue playing at Cleo's.


I have played at many different sites and participated in many promotions as well. I have never quite played at a site like Cleos. The reason I say that is three fold. First, when you win you are actually allowed to cashout the bonus money as well as your winnings. Their promotions also don't have Max Cashouts which may of the other sites implement. The second reason is that bonuses hit more often meaning your money will last so much longer than any other online sites. Finally, when you win they send out the money fairly quickly. I have won and have cashed out a couple of thousands dollars and I recommend Cleos to all of my friends. I think they are the absolute best site with excellent customer service.


Good morning. After reading through our last few conversations regarding my testimonial and the issue with the processor and my most recent purchase transaction, I realized that I needed to apologize for how I responded to your testimonial request. I sincerely apologize. I should have done it without hesitation and for the fact they are two separate situations. I was frustrated and let it get the best of me. Unfortunately the issue has not been resolved yet, but I'm confident that the VIP staff will do their best to make sure I receive my purchase back or make it right. They have never given me any reason to think otherwise. Whether I'm asking a simple question or needing assistance with a purchase, satisfaction every one I have been in contact with at Cleos have been nothing but professional, patient, kind and understanding, specially during the process of confirming and sending me my winnings. :) I was so overwhelmed with different emotions when I realized that I had won $2000.00. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I was skeptical whether or not I wanted to even cash out. Not only for the fact that I hadn't seen many reviews about cleos on any of the forums I had visited, but that there were also several different discerning reviews about other sites and their payout issues. This was my first time ever claiming any winnings from online and I was a little nervous while going through the payout process. Needless to say, the process was quick and my experience with the staff was refreshing. They were very nice and responded quickly to any questions I had. Within 24 hrs after they received my info, they had processed and sent me my winnings. I would have received my money even faster if it wasn't for a couple of delays on my part. There is no other site where someone can purchase amazing products and play some of the best games offered. Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure my experience has been nothing short of amazing!!! :)


Not only were the games different and amazingly fun to play, Cleo's Vip Room customer service was incredibly friendly, informative and expressed complete willingness to help in every way they can. I made a few small purchases but because of the deposit bonuses they offered, I was able to play almost every game, and win!! I actually won. The cashout process went as smooth and easy as when I was making a purchase. Very simple and fast process. Now the games are fun and very different than the other online sites. Many games have "stacked wilds," this is where a little bet can have a huge payout. A $0.50 bet can literally get almost a $1000 payout. That's what happen to me playing their new Jester game. Not only does this site let you enjoy your purchases and bonuses by not having their machines so tight (meaning their machines pay), but when you make a purchase you also get "VS points," points used to purchase beautiful, high-end, quality-made jewelry, accessories, fragrances and more....... Cleo's Vip Room is the greatest....Fun, Rewarding, Exciting and Friendly!!


Seldom do you find a site that truly delivers on its promise of excitement and fun. Winning is only icing on the cake, Cleos games are now truly my favorite ...We all have our favorite games, I like stacked wilds, can you imagine the excitement of skyrocketing to over 1200 dollars in one spin on a dollar bet can happen and has happened for me at Cleos VIP Room ..twice. I play responsibly so it matters alot that I receive great bonuses that allow me to play longer for less and that i receive my winnings in a timely fashion...13 DAYS thats all it took for 1200 to be delivered to my door...other casinos have taken over 30days...Thank you Cleo


You have an amazing site. I refer you to all my friends. Customer service is awesome and response time is not long at all. I love the bonuses you have and I am looking forward to playing with Cleos Vip Room in the future.


The best slots game on the internet. Easy payouts.... I was thrilled with my winnings in such a short period of time. The games are awesome unlike any other that you will find on the internet. I would like to take this time out to be a part of the family. Thanks Cleo for inviting me.


I love this site. I played and love the slot machines. I won and cashed out $1500.00. It was fast and I did not have any problems. Great place to play and everyone is so nice. Thank you


I just want to say that I had to great time playing on Cleo Vip, it was a first time deposit bonus that I used. I played 101 Lions and cashout $400 and I was excited when Fedex showed up like 14 days later with my check..... :-)


Well... I've been playing on CLEOs for over a year now. LOVE the slots. Its so exciting to get free spins and bonuses. Its just like being at a real gamming site. Since I started playing, my luck was up and down. I basically hoped I would eventually hit a WONWORLD, and then prove to myself and my friends and family, that gaming online is fine as long as you are gaming on the right site. Got lots of beautiful jewelry for myself and family, with the virtual spree points. All of it real, nothing was fake. AND finally. I won, not wonworld, but i cashed out. The process took about 2 week. After my documents were verified, I got a email stating it was successful. AND then 4days later, my check came thru fedex. I was really excited to show everyone CLEO paid me. I've heard stories about these online places that pay you, but the checks bounce or they don`t pay you at all.. well, CLEO surely is not one them. The customer support has improved a lot. They are much more caring and resposive to their regular players now. Its nice to be acknowledged when you're a regular, not just any customer. ;)

.. I'm not sure if that`s what you guys wanted or if I put too much info in it. But there it is! Thats my experience. And I am not done yet. LOL. SO... hope you like it. And.. I'm just gonna throw it out there... Can you guys give me a free bonus for my last purchases? If not, not a problem. Just wanted to ask before the wife makes me go to bed. Thank you again.


Hello! I just wanted you to know how much I like your site. It isn't everyday that online sites get complimented but I wanted to compliment yours. I am a frequent buyer and have cashed out once. Your support people are kind and not rude like so many other sites. They reward their loyal depositors. You pay out when many other sites will not. I really love your games especially your new one Jester's!!! Anyway I will purchase again very soon but like to give compliments when deserved. Your site deserves it. I tell everyone I know about it! Keep up the great work and see you soon!! Thank you.


Dear Cleos, I just want to tell you how great your games are. I started off playing the Free Version then got brave and tried the "Play for Cash" Wow what a time I had! I ended up winning $2000.00 like 40 days ago and Just took and won another $1800.00. I have had to contact your live chat a few times which was always quick and professional. Overall My experiance with Cleos has just been great. On a scale Of 1 to 10 ,I give you An 11. Way to Go.


I had never heard of a "real" money gamming site until a friend of mine sent me the request and i downloaded the app for Cleos. Once i had downloaded the app i clicked the play for real money icon and the only money i had was the one usd that Cleos gives you when you install the app on your computer,but...... I started to play magic signs playing only a nickel at a time and within the first minute of play i got the bonus and it retriggered and retriggered until my credits had reached almost 400.00!!!!!! WOW im thinking ok cash out so i did at 300.00 and the online support guy walked me through the entire process of what i had to do in order to get my money! Honestly i was real skeptical that I would ever see any "real" money out of that. I was so happy and schocked to see the actual fed-ex within just 7 days of my win and even more happy when I took my check and cashed it at the bank!!!!! Thank you Cleos for giving all of us gamblers something to do without the hassle of driving to a gamming site!!!!!! Good Luck to all of your patrons!!!


Hello everyone, I just want to let everyone know that CLEOS VIP ROOM is the best gamming site I 've ever played, slots games are awesome and the best part is that you get paid your winnings in less than 12 days. I started playing and very soon I won $500 . I am very glad that they are very serious about paying out the winnings. I got my check and have no problem with my bank at the time of deposit it and was clear next day. I recommend to all people try this gamming site, you will be glad as soon as you try it. :)


If you love to play the games in Cleo VIP Room is the place to play. I have tried many online sites and this is the best one I have found. I have cashed out twice for large amounts of money and have recieved my payout in a timely matter. I love the big jackpot progressive games like, 101 lions, wolf run. Its like a live gamming site in your living room. Since my first payout I have had 5 friends join and they absolutly love this site. This is for real!


Thank you!!! I have so much fun playing the slots machines especially when they are hot. I have been playing for a while on your site and had not been able to make playthrough. I just kept telling myself that my time would come-AND IT DID. I won a good sum of money but I hit some good payouts on bonus rounds on Magic Fairies and Great Apes. This allowed me to get through the playthrough ending up with a cash out of 2,000. If I wasn't greedy it could have been 3,500!!! I was very apprehensive about receiving my money in a check I had heard from many people checks were being returned from many different sites... SO when I got it I was relieved to see it was from a familiar bank and I had no trouble cashing it. YAHOOOOO. I wish the check got to me faster it took about 12 business days not including 2 weekends but I have the cash now and I am excited to get a few things that I need. I will continue to play at Cleo's. I have played while waiting for my check and maybe just maybe I will hit again!! Best on line place to go from here on out. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Cleo's


Well i absoltely love the games and it is a nice change to what we are usually able to play. I took the $70 free bonus with a $30 deposit a few weeks ago and it just seemed like any game i went to it was hot. Now at time the games can be very streaky and have lots of dead spins but as long as i have been playing i usually get some decent playtime for my money.


I love your selection of games! I started out slow with 50 cent bets and worked my way up to 5 dollar bets. I had a wonderful time playing!! I hit on Circus and Lions! I cashed out with a big winning amount of 1,971.00!!! The support people are wonderful and kind. I guarentee if you make the playthrough you will get your check within 12 days and it is cashable. I continue to play here because I know they pay out and I love the slots. I will continue to deposit in the future. This is the place to play!!


I tried Cleo's when I received a great email promotion...and I am so glad I did! After hitting a couple decent bonuses on $1 bets I hit a $1205 bonus on a $1.50 bet. Cashing out $1900 on a new site you are not familiar with I had the same concerns as anyone would...will the check come and can I cash it without a hassle? Answer to both is yes!! Not only did I receive the check sooner than I anticipated it cleared my bank within 48 hours. I am so happy with Cleo's I will never go back. Thank you Cleo's for great games, and the easiest payout process online!!


Thank you so much for the ease in playing and cashing out. I enjoy the variety and fun in all the games too. My day is complete when I visit Cleos. Thanks again,


When I won the money at Cleos Vip, I have to say that I was skeptical. I am no longer a skeptic!! This is the BEST place I have ever played. I won 900 dollars and received the check within 7 days of sending in my claim form. Cashing it was no problem and the money could not have come at a better time. I will never play anywhere else again. You cannot go wrong playing at Cleos VIP. Give it a try, you will not be sorry! I just want to thank you for being here. Your site is the best and I am hooked. It's nice to know there are honest gamming sites on the Internet.


First i would like to say i love this place easy purchases as well as very good selection of games i won it mostly on 101 lions that game was so hot that as soon as my withdraw was processed couldn`t wait to play again and i did and won 1800.00 more but my stupidity went back and reversed the what would of been my 2 nd withdraw in a week and ended up loosing it all but i had fun playing then about 17 days after requesting my withdraw i got even happier the fedex showed up with my check for 464.01 couldn`t wait to play again and i did all in all i give it an A rating and would be an A+ if payment was a little faster but at least i did get paid in full that is the key because what good is winning if you can`t get paid just wish you would reward you players with a free chip once and a while.


Hello I like to say that when I seen that I won a thousand dollar I had to call my sister, and she ask me so now she is playing now. And I feel no need to leave my home to have fun. The check came in a week, I love playing and winning .so see you soon .. Let`s have some fun.. And thank you guys so much.


Love CleosVIP room. Played jacks or better with promotional free cash and surprised myself by winning $50.00 cash. couldn't wait for the check to arrive, what a fun treat. Will continue to play, as my check arrived promptly as stated when I cashed it in. Can't wait to win again!


Cleos vip room is the only one gamming site that I play now, It is much better than the other sites that I have played.


hello, Well i guess i could do that. first of all thank you!!!!!!, i really like magic signs once i realized that you only need two scatters to re trigger, while i was winning my 2000 i had a blast !!!! it took almost 8 hrs of fantastic fun. but and i did say but during my waiting period and after i received my check i noticed a tightening of the machines and very small payouts and re triggering became no fun it just took money with little to none on re triggering and i had a very short time playing!! not happy :(, i did appreciate the process of making sure that it was me and not someone using my identity. extra brownie buttons for you. i was very happy to get the check i had my truck in the shop and w/ the check i had the money to pay the bill. i have even turned in my vs points and ordered. i really would like to have the machines and games go back to the way they were in Feb 10th through Feb 23rd nice and just the right amount of looseness. lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!. i really hope that Ive been some help in making you aware of something that is very noticeable and sorry to say again no fun i really cant spend much more with out some improvement on your end, i don't want to do that but bills do come first. OK i think I'm done. thank you for the opportunity to give my opinion


I love the slots and sure enjoy playing at Cleo's! I have found all the staff to be so great to work with. Recently I won on the slots and thought, this is not going to be fun since so many sites do not pay out in a timely manner... Well boy was I wrong The very next day I received an email on what to send for ID and how long all this would take. Within 2 weeks I had my check, no problems, no fuss!!! Thanks again Cleo for a great time and great service.


Cleos is the only on-line site I'll play at. Not only do they have some really great games, when you win they actually pay you. I love Cleos and would recommend them (and I do) to everyone. Keep up the great work and I'll keep playing...


Cleos Vip Room has been the best online gaming experience I have ever had. The games are bright, vivid and extremely fun. The bonus rounds are exceptionally giving. I was playing the game Mermaids Lucky Chest and won 15 free spins at 4x my bet. I continued to hit the free spins within my free spin bonus round and it went well over 100 free spins! I gained over $1,600 in the bonus round alone. My original bet was only $1. The coins looked like they were literally flying off my screen. I made a $1,575 withdrawal and had my check delivered by FedEx in no time with no extra charge! This was without yet purchasing with my own money. My checked cleared immediately. I have continued to play at Cleos and have been saving my Spree Points for something special. Thank you for the great time!.


I love the excitement of the game! I was up one night just browsing the new games that I hadn't had a chance to play yet and before I knew it I was winning bonus after bonus, I was so tired but I couldn't turn it off, and CleosVipRoom was so courteous to me. I also received my winnings in the amount of time just as they said! I Love this room. Thanks for all the fun.


I have played with fun mode for quite some time with Cleos and recently Cleos had a promotional allowing me to play with real mode. I was given free chips and never required to produce any credit card information I just simply entered the promotional code and my free chips was in my account. I played and played and after a little while I had accumulated extra real chips after winning. I requested a cash out and I was quite surprised how quickly I received my money in the mail. I was so pleased with this promotional to play for real that I would highly recommend to anyone to play with either fun mode or real mode at Cleos is an awesome time. This was the first time playing any site for me with real mode and I will definitely play again. Thank you again Cleos for the fun time and I just wanted to share my experience with you and your staff.


Hi There My Friends! I have been a player here at Cleos VIP Room for a few months now and I have had a wonderful time playing these games. This is my favorite place to be. I have won a number of times now. I have never won so many times in any other site. Landline places are out. I have stop playing other places because I am hooked on Cleos VIP Room!! I play all of the games and hope to win a big jackpot one day. I am so pleased with the service of the financial department because they are always on time with the payouts. You are an Outstanding site and I am spreading the news to my friends so that they can experience what I have experience!! I am excited and am looking forward to bigger and better payouts to come! I just love this place and thank you for your kindness! You are # 1 in my book!!




Hello Cleos Vip Room! I Would Like To Say My Experience With Your Games Was Wonderful! I Did Recieve My Payout Fed-Ex.. I Love Your Games Thank You! For Your Prompt Service!


I was very excited when I won $16,000; however, I have to admit that I was skeptical. The staff clearly explained what documents I needed to submit and the process was very smooth. I am pleased to say the money is coming in! My husband waited until my first check arrived before he joined. Now he is waiting for his winnings of $3,000. You do win on this site... fun, fun, fun.


Cleos vip room "ROCKS" oh my gosh i love this place. i have played and am waiting on my second check for 2000 dollars. i love the games and and they respond promptly to my emails regarding questions. if your looking for a great place to play try this and i am currently selecting my gifts from the virtual spree catalog. doesnt get any better than this.


I was searching for online casino style games and stumbled upon Cleos VIP Room. They offered up a sweet promotion to which quickly paid off and only off the first slot machine played! I was skeptical if really would receive check and with a few forms to sign and return I surely got a LEGIT check and couldn't have come at better time!! I AM SO THANKFUL!


I have played at a lot of gamming sites over the years. Most of them have the same games. When I found Cleosvip room I was thrilled to see a site totally diferent! The games are more like the ones I play in real gamming sites. I love them! It's easy to fund your account, and it's easy to cash out. I have recieved prompt payouts on my wins and all said, I really enjoy playing at your site and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for the fun,


I would like to say that Cleos VIP Room has been my favorite gamming site since it has come out. The Chat is the best i have ever dealt with friendly and quickest i have ever had with getting a response. I do not bet big so when i hit i was very surprised at how well it kept paying off i cashed out and waited sent my documents in not long from that was sent a tracking number so i could see where the check was. It was their shortly after that and i was thinking i got me a place i can trust their are so many bad sites out there but this is not one of them. I get loads of free money and a gift at Christmas how kool is that, and the shopping with my credits makes it even better. If you want to play this is the place to do it.


I was so amazed that I won. The best thing about winning a Cleo VIP Room, is the quick payout. I always had problems with other sites payout, so I quit playing with them. Cleo is the best. The best games and of course, the best payout time and customer service. Not to mention the jewelery!!!! Thanks Cleo.


Hello, I was skeptical at first and a little unsure of online gaming. The first time I played it was with a small purchase, I won and request a payout of $1000.00. I sent all the documents which were requested of me by the Cleos VIP Room Support Team. My check arrived as they had said it would. I was so happy. I have continued to play and recently received a check for $1400.00. I have found them to be honest and a company of their word. I enjoy playing the many different games at my leisure. This is so much fun. Nancy C.


i have so much fun playing the games on cleos vip room and it is even more fun when i win and get to cash out money this site is an absolute joy to play at


I enjoy playing at Cleo's VIP Room because the games are so fun and very different from other games online. I recently won $350 playing my favorite games Wonderland and 101 Lions, I actually won $450 but continued playing more because it was so fun. I have received my winnings and it really was a very simple and fast process. I still continue to play from time to time hoping for another much bigger win which I know will happen soon. Thank You Cleo's VIP Room!


I love this casino and consider myself to be a loyal customer. The games are very exciting and graphics are wonderful. I recently won $934.00 recieved my money in a timely manner and had no problem cashing my check. If you want to play at a great casino with godd payout returns this is definitely the place to win cash.


Well Hello Everyone at Cleo's, I just want to say that I am a happy player. I have won twice at your site and received both checks in a short amount of time. I try to play on a daily basis, I have won the daily raffle numerous times, and the weekly raffle a couple of times. I just want to let everyone out there that does play at Cleo's that it can happen to you also. So do not stop playing, cause at any time you can win a big amount also, heck I win better here than I do at a physical gamming place. Well on that note I am going back to Cleo's to play some more. Elizabeth


Hello, I am writing this in response to your request. I have loved your games from the first time I played them. They are like no other games online. This is the ONLY place I like to play now. The day I won my prize I made a $10.00 deposit. While I was playing I was looking at my balance & noticed that my credits had increased by $100.00. I knew that I had not hit anything for that amount so I checked and found out that I had won a $100.00 on one of my raffle tickets. So I started to bet max and the games seem to start hitting very well. So after many hours of playing I cashed in my prize of $2000.00. I was very happy when the Fed Ex driver brought my check to my door. I had no trouble cashing it at all. I hope to see many more of those checks in the near future. Thank You.


I love this casino and consider myself to be a loyal customer. The games are very exciting and graphics are wonderful. I recently won $934.00 recieved my money in a timely manner and had no problem cashing my check. If you want to play at a great casino with godd payout returns this is definitely the place to win cash.


There are a lot of online places to play games, but there's definitely only ONE CleosVIP! With the most gorgeous, innovative graphics that you won't find on any other site, generous odds (I've won more than $20,000 in just one month), Virtual Spree points toward free high end luxury items, and top-notch, attentive and friendly customer service, you cannot ask for a better experience with a better company. Payouts are processed quickly and with efficiency and care. Support is always helpful. It's no wonder that the site's Facebook® page is also one of the most popular on the platform with its legions of fans. If you've never taken the plunge to play, do it now! It's awesome. And this is an honest to goodness testimonial from a real person who has no affiliation with their company.


I couldn't sleep one night and decided to get up and play some games. I took advantage of the free200 promotion and started playing with $450. I was down to my last $25 when I hit the Circus bonus and won 20 free games times 5. All of a sudden the screen was filled with clowns and up popped you won $100,000.00. I was in shock and woke-up my family to come look and count the zero's for me. Every hour I got up and looked to see if the winnings were still there. The vip support team has been great to work with and they even sent me a spread sheet to keep track of all my payout request. It will be exciting and I am so grateful to get a $2000 check once a week for a year. Amazing! Then today I get a bottle of champagne in the mail from Cleos VIP room congratulating me on my big win. Can't wait to play again!


Hi...I won $1700.00 playing on cleos...I was so happy to win that money came in so handy...and the transit on sending my paperwork and getting my money was fast and handle free...I play in alot of at online sites and this one was the best...i will continue to play with you...thank you so much.


Dear Cleos VIP Room; I just want to share with you my heart felt gratitude for establishing Cleos VIP Room. I have played on many online websites and by far your games have been the most fun and exciting -- mainly for the simple fact that at Cleos YOU CAN WIN AND DO RECEIVE REAL MONEY!! I like the variety of games, the bonus games, and the PLAYTHROUGH REQUIREMENTS are REASONABLE. e.g. you don't have to play a $100 deposit to $3500 for cashout eligibility! Yours is the ONLY site that has been fair, courteous, fun/never boring and available, ready to solve any issue GUARANTEEING CUSTOMER / PLAYER SATISFACTION. ( Such A Plus! + +) Kudos to You Cleos VIP. IMHO, you have set the standard that all other online gaming site or otherwise should follow.


Thank you so much! I have played at MANY sites over the last 10 years but have never had this kind of support like I have encountered with Cleos. That means a lot to me. You treat me like I am important and speaks volumes! Thanks Cleos!!!


First lets just say I was skeptical, to even play, let alone purchase with real money to Cleos VIP. I can tell you in all honesty, I have played on alot of online gaming sites. This one is completely different. The games are entertaining, and the variety is awesome. I didn't lose all my balance fast, as I have on other sites. As a matter of fact, I won, $1500.00 on a $25 dollar purchase. All my friends thought it was some kind of scam, but I was the one laughing when I got my check from a reputable bank, and cashed it after of course, taking photos to forward to those friends. I have had the best experience with Cleos VIP, from start to finish, everyone is courteous. The jewelry I've recieved from vs points is beautiful and adds icing to the cake. Win win situation at Cleos folks.


Very Excellent site! I won $851 playing on vegas style games! It was a wonderful experience, considering that I have never won anything 'BIG' before, so I considered that to be big! I have played in other cplaces and I have won, but never got any money, they gave me the runaround. This one on the other hand, verified all my information, gave me wonderful customer service, and sent me a check less than a week after verification. This site has wonderful games and playing experience to, you actually get to play for a long time after you make a deposit with them. I will definitely be playing on here often and from now on. Only site, online, that I will play on now.


Cleo's VIP Room is by far the best and most fun of all online games I've played. The Live Help is fast, friendly, and I give them an A+ for customer service and satistfaction. If you are looking for a great experience and lots of fun I highly reccomend anybody give them at try, I'm glad I did!


I have won some pretty good money threw Cleos VIP Room, havent had any problems when they sent me my check nor cashing it. I will be playing as long as they let me.


I would like to take a moment to say how much I enjoy playing at cleos vip room. I have the best luck on indian chiefs and have had easy smooth cash-outs. The vs points are great and products are even better, the staff is always kind and more than helpful with me. cleos vip room is the best.


I received all the money that i withdrawed and received the money in a timely manner. It was a great game day...


This site is the best since micro gaming! I would highly recommend it, as i have to a lot of my family, friends and coworkers. Cleos always has great bonuses. I love playing here, the games are awesome!!!!! Support is awesome!!!! I love the games with the mini and major
Jackpots have won a lot of mini and major, hopefully one day the big one!! Am not complaining though have won several times. So awesome to win and cashout
Cleos pays out the fastest of any place I have ever played. I cash out and within a week at business days I have a check in mail 10 days at most. I love the games free spins in games are awesome... Am so excited I won again playing Indian Chief and had never played that game much before. Can`t wait to get this check!!! Am excited going to buy me a 50 inch Flat screen games will look awesome on that!! I hope Cleos stays around forever!!
I love that Cleos has raffles .I have won daily a few times. Cleos has best Holiday bonuses .Anyways Cleos you are the best, and thank you for paying so fast.. Watching email for my payout release. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are all awesome!!


I would like to say that playing at Cleo's VIP-Room was so much fun and I could not believe that I was winning. I played just about every game and won a little bit on each game. It was hard to believe that I had won that much money. I have played at other site's and never had been a winner. I was a really good feeling. I knew that it was not a dream or joke when I received my check in the mail. I want to thank Cleo's for having some of the best games I have ever played. I have told my friend's about it and I have seen a lot of there name's on facebook® saying that they also enjoyed playing at Cleo's. I am still playing and having fun. Thank you very much Cleo's.


Cleo's VIP room website have the best casino style slot games. It's like being at a casino but playing from home and they do pay your winnings. I was excited when I received my check in the mail and in less than a week. I play casino games on other sites but for fun. Cleo's is the only one I play for real money. Good luck everyone.


Thank you very much for been taking care of this my withdrawal, I really appreciate it, I received my check today 10/10/2012, for $ 350.00., Now I am sure that I am going to keep playing slots machines in your site, because you send the money that is won very soon, not like others sites that take more than month and a half to send the withdrawals, thanks one more time for your attention.


I am not new to online gaming...But always had trouble getting my winning. But when I discovered Cleos VIP Room I was so surprised when I had my first win and received my money in one week...I've been on Cleos for less than a month and have won over $l,000 and a daily raffle. Awesome games and great customer service....I think this is the best online site of this kind.....I'm finally winning and getting my money....Love you Cleos.....


I have really enjoyed playing here. Unlike alot of people on face book I have had no problems with this software. I have no certain strategy on game playing, I just pick random games that look fun to play and got lucky! As for my withdrawal- I had the fastest payout from Cleos that I have ever recieved from ANY site I have ever played on. My first withdrawal was in my hands within 5 day by mail. That was with processing first time paperwork. I have really been impressed overall.


This is the first time I have ever received any real money from gaming, sweepstakes, etc. I admit when I put money into my account I was skeptical but to my surprise you people are for real. I ended up winning $1700.00 and received every penny of it. Your slots are fun to play which helps and keeps me coming back. Thanks again for the good time.


All I can say is Thank you CLEOS VIP ROOM. I play quite often at Cleos and I was watching the progressive jackpot on Baby 5 slot for a while and suspected it was going to hit soon. I was playing and the progressive feature started, I picked my countries and bam I hit the jackpot of 2819 free chips on a 1.25 stake. After playing awhile I cashed out at $1100 from a $20 purchase plus the 200% bonus. I received the check in 6 days. I couldn't believe how fast the check was in my hands, I was very impressed with that. I purchase another $20 in VS Points a few days later and with my free chips I had a good run and cashed out another $800. I received that check in 5 days. The games are so addicting that it`s difficult to quit playing, LOL. SASQUATCH is my fav. game along with Bushveld, baby 5, Spartans, heck I love them all. I'm just waiting to hit the Big Cash Jackpot next, fingers crossed. I would recommend this site to anyone no questions asked. The best attribute Cleos has to offer is there withdrawals are very quick and easy compared to other online gaming sites. Thank you again Cleos VIP your the best.


My Mom told me about this on-line game room where you can play and win money. I didn't believe it. She showed me her check from her winnings and I had to try it. The games were fun and I was actually winning. Couldn't believe it when I cashed out with $6,000 - being a student, the money couldn't have come at a better time.


I have played MANY online sites only to be misled or told that I couldn't cash out after all due to the Terms and Conditions that were in very fine/small print. That is NOT the case with Cleo's. I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to cash out, and I won by using a free chip. The playthrough was easy, and the CSRs were friendly. I was notified each time they did something (receiving my documents, when payment was sent, etc.). I will definitely play again!


I am new to Cleo's VIP Room and not long after joining I won 2 jackpots. The slot games are awesome. The withdrawal was paid within days as compared to weeks with other sites. I enjoy playing the games. One of the best websites I've had the pleasure of playing in.


Cleos Vip Room has been a blessing to me and our family, I was playing the game is winning a little here and a little there I did not realize how much this money would help us out. During the play time we found out we had to get custody of two of our beautiful grand daughters. I will be going to court the first of Oct. to get them, we are still about 3000 shy of getting all our attorney moneys meet but we will get there. Playing the game in the evenings or even during the day when i am feeling stressed relaxes me. The support team have been fantastic and very prompt to give advice or just help me out. So I will continue to play who knows I just might get my 3000...


I just wanted to say that I have never liked online gaming, but my wife convinced me to try Cleos. I expected to lose and never try it again, but I won, and was very happily surprised how quickly I received my check. I played again, and I actually won again. The support staff is very friendly and helpful, and my winnings have been wonderful, and I will keep coming back to Cleos.


I absolutely love the games and variety, as well as the frequent bonuses, match bonuses and free chips. I couldn't believe the first time playing I hit the jackpot on video poker!!! I was so excited, and upon cashing out I thought, omg this is going to be such a pain, but it wasn't, I filled out the required paperwork and had my money in less than a week. I've also won one of the daily drawings, which is another awesome benefit to playing at this site. Cleo's is an awesome gaming site, I have recommended it to my friends who play online, and I will never play anywhere else. Thanks so much Cleo's.


My experience with Cleo Vip Room has been great & I rather play only with this online site because not only it`s easy to win but I got my 1st check for $2000.00 in 4 days from the time that I requested my payout. I was very impressed & happy that my money came so soon. Customer service reps are very helpful & they are very polite to me every time i chat with them. I can say that this site has made good in their promises on paying their customers on time or in my case i received it early so which made it easier for me to keep playing with them & keep winning...


I love Cleos VIP Room. I played the free games for a couple of days before I decided to play for real money. When I requested a payout for $500, I figured it would be about a month before I received it. I had a check in my hands in just a few days. One of the best features is if you lose your connection, when you reconnect, it picks up right where you left off.


I have been playing slots at Cleos VIP Room for about a month now. Winning is something I'm not used to. I never win anything, however, first I won $700.00 and then $1,100. Today I requested another $600. I received my first check in about 3 days. It's wonderful, I just had to quit my second job due to medical issues and the extra money certainly has come in handy. I hope Cleos stays around for a long time. I also received my beautiful necklace that I purchased with vs points. Love this site. Thank you Cleos!!


I would like to thank the entire staff at Cleos Vip Room for a very entertaining and rewarding experience. I was offered a 200% matching bonus on my purchase and received it immediately. I really enjoyed the slot games; they're more advanced than other sites I've tried. After completing my playthrough requirements I cashed out and received my money in a very timely fashion. Again thank you all at Cleos Vip Room.


Hello yes i would very much recommend cleos vip room. The games are very fair and payout was very professional and prompt. Thanks you guys.


I love playing slot machines. Playing Cleos VIP slot machines is almost better than going to a Game place - I can play in my own home when and what I want and the games are so much fun. After playing for fun I thought I would take a chance and play for money. After hours of fun I looked down and realized I had won $4800. After cashing out and filing out the paperwork I started to wonder if this is real. Yes, I can tell you it is real. I have recieved my money. I even contacted customer service at one time thinking it was a joke and they replied almost immediately. Besides the winnings from slot machine playing I have also won the drawings for the day, week and month - fun to get surprise money! I am a big fan and have told all my slot loving friends and family.


I was kind of on the fence about how well this company would be at paying out its players.... Like it will take months before i would get my prize money boy i was wrong they are fast at processing the paperwork very good customer service and i should receive my prize money in a few days keep it up.


I have really enjoyed playing the games here at Cleos VIP Room! The slots are fun and seem to have a better payout percentage than other software I have played. I have managed to withdraw 2x what I have deposited here, so that was a success. I received my winnings within the usual 5-10 business days time frame. US players have such limited gaming options these days, so I am thankful to have Cleos VIP Room online and their helpful customer support! Thank you, Lucrezia.


Thank u for this wonderfull supprise today I have recived my payout of 2000.00 this is so wonderfull I have send gift an share with my friends now this is prof of me. Geting paid my payouts thanks Cleo vip.


Hello, I would just like to tell you how much I am enjoying playing at Cleos VIP Room. I love the slots graphics and I was lucky enough to win $1500 within my first week of playing. The communication with your website after winning was awesome and the payout was fast. Service like that is what makes me want to continue to play at Cleos. Thanks again. Sincerely, Fun2PlayNWin.



"I couldn't sleep one night and decided to get up and play some games. I took advantage of the free200 promotion and started playing with $450. I was down to my last $25 when I hit the Circus bonus and won 20 free games times 5. All of a sudden the screen was filled with clowns and up popped you won $100,000.00. I was in shock and woke-up my family to come look and count the zero's for me. Every hour I got up and looked to see if the winnings were still there. The vip support team has been great to work with and they even sent me a spread sheet to keep track of all my payout request. It will be exciting and I am so grateful to get a $2000 check once a week for a year. Amazing! Then today I get a bottle of champagne in the mail from CLEOS VIP ROOM congratulating me on my big win. Can't wait to play again! Another perk besides playing games is going on a shopping using my VS points. I've had fun buying watches, necklaces, and bracelets at no cost to me. The only frustrating part of shopping was many of the items I wanted were already reserved."
"There are a lot of online places to play games, but there’s definitely only ONE CleosVIP! With the most gorgeous, innovative graphics that you won’t find on any other site, generous odds (I’ve won more than $20,000 in just one month), Virtual Spree Points toward free high end luxury items, and top-notch, attentive and friendly customer service, you cannot ask for a better experience with a better company. Payouts are processed quickly and with efficiency and care. Support is always helpful. It’s no wonder that the site’s Facebook® page is also one of the most popular on the platform with its legions of fans. If you’ve never taken the plunge to play, do it now! It’s awesome. And this is an honest to goodness testimonial from a real person who has no affiliation with their company."